Employment Branding strategy designed with employee retention in mind.

Do you know what your employees and clients think about your company? Our Employment Branding solution will ensure your reputation as an employer is nothing but the best.


In a tough recruiting climate, developing a strong employment brand is more important than ever. 

Through our sister marketing company, Ingenium, we offer a proven solution to develop and implement effective strategies to position your firm as an "employer of choice," including:

  • Researching and defining your Employer Value Proposition
  • Creation of marketing and talent sourcing plan 
  • Activation and implementation of Employment Brand
  • KPI Development and Tracking

A great reputation doesn’t just happen. It’s something that must be built from the ground up.
— Sarah Walpert, Ingenium CMO

By marketing your firm as an "employer of choice," you'll decrease turnover, retain top talent, and elevate your company's reputation in the marketplace.

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