Market research for the data-driven A/E/C firm.

ExactSource has developed a unique research capability for clients  who are looking to break into a new market. 


We offer research solutions built around market and competitive analysis,compensation alignment and expansion opportunities.

Our clients are often considering expansion of products and services and would like a comprehensive market research package that includes demographics, as well as analysis on the competitive landscape and talent available in a particular geographic area. 

Our areas of research include:

The research ExactSource provided my business helped us make strategic growth decisions at a pivotal time for the company.
— Chief Operating Officer; Environmental Consulting Firm

  • Market
  • Industry
  • Prospects
  • Competition
  • Compensation
  • Talent
  • Geography

The ExactSource research solution provides value to your firm by bridging resource gaps, validating strategic growth decisions, and bringing enhanced focus to specifications for new hire searches.

Interested in data-driven research that will enable you to make smarter business decisions for your A/E/C firm?