Alternative Growth Through Business Unit Acquisition. 

ExactSource has developed a unique and innovative way to help companies grow by combining industry research, market research, and a targeted talent acquisition strategy. ExactSource helps companies by breaking into new markets, armed with the intelligence and talent needed to drive business strategy. 


Through our Alternative Growth process, ExactSource will strategically manage the acquisition of key discipline and market leaders in a geographical area to successfully acquire a new business unit through our unique four step process. 

  • Each one of our Alternative Growth Strategies start with an assessment of your business model and goals.
  • The success of the business unit is dictated by identifying and attracting the perfect leader for our client’s strategic initiative.
  • Once selected, ExactSource works alongside the business unit leader to strategically build a world-class team. 
  • ExactSource assists a select group of clients each year through a business unit acquisition process.

Our strategic growth solution, developed in response to our client needs for expanding their business based upon solid team-oriented business units, is a great alternative to acquisition for companies looking to grow and maintain company culture.
— Wayne McDonald, ExactSource Managing Partner

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